Monday, April 9, 2007

Short Story: Senior Trip

"Blair, Hurry! What is taking so long?" "We have to be back at my house by 10:30 to meet everyone." "I know" was the short reply. The two girls finally hauled Blair's purple suitcases outside and struggled shoving them into Zander's car. With a quick kiss on the cheek, Blair said good bye to her mom and jumped into the leather seat. Zander stuck her head out the window, maneuvering down the familiar driveway. Trees seemed to fly by and with a screech, they were on their way. An excited scream filled the car. "Oh My Gosh! It is finally here, our senior trip!! Ah!" The excitement was apparent as the girls pulled into Zander's driveway. Red, white, and black sprinkled her driveway as suitcases were waiting. As she stopped the car, Hannah opened her tailgate, depositing her bags in the car. "Y'all, I am so frickin' excited. I didn't sleep an hour last night." Lauren and Chloe moved across the driveway clothed in sweatshirts and Soffees. "Hey, Blair, Don't forget to use the bathroom, and did you bring your CD's?" greeted Chloe. "Yea, they are in Zander's car."Zander thought to herself, is there anything I need? She was interrupted from behind with a hug from Andrew, "Gah, you scared me." She turned and surveyed her driveway, everyone seemed to be ready. "Okay, Ryan will you come here. I have a question." "Yea" he said walking away from his truck. "You just go onto 85 North, and then get onto Highway 321 North, right?" "Yea, that's pretty much it, but let’s try to stick together so we can stop and grab lunch together,." Zander replied with an excited look, "Okay, sounds good."Ryan led the way with Zander zigzagging through traffic close behind. Chloe rode shotgun and took full advantage. "Gah, Zander, I don't like this song! You can't make us listen to your weird music for the next four hours. I refuse." Her bluntness became stronger and stronger with every passing year that the girls were friends. The laid back driver responded with an "Okay, whatever works for me." Finally, Ryan's Chevy truck signaled over to get on Hwy. 321. "Yay" said Zander, " only 90 more miles from here guys!" Andrew's sarcastic personality flared with an "Oh, Yippee guys! Only NINETY more miles.” They followed the truck into the Wendy's parking lot. The group of ten united with pained looks on their faces. "My butt hurts" Jonathon crudely said. "I know, I have had to pee for thirty minutes." replied Hannah.After the quick stop they were on the highway yet again. The Acura SUV lagged behind, as its transmission groaned up the mountain. Zander shifted into neutral and hurriedly put her '99 into four-wheel drive. "Damn, Zander look to your left." Her concentration dwindled as her eyes soared down the rocky cliff six feet away from her. "Oh my gosh! That is SCARY." She glanced at her speedometer, reading out loud "I'm only going 20 mph. "Well, go ten," said Chloe "It feels like a damn roller coaster in here." The steep road slicing through the mountain slowed the two vehicles with threatening curves. With every turn the houses came farther apart and gravel roads threw clouds of dust behind them. "Y'all! Look! That's our house!" Zander pointed to the end of the long driveway Ryan's truck was already climbing. "Wow, that's amazing." The other teens in the car stared at the three story wood cabin, awe crept through the air as they similarly thought how this was theirs for a whole week.The boys jumped out with Ryan unlocking the recently painted door. Blair ran inside screaming, "Y'all - this is AMAZING." "I know," replied Andrew "and we don't have to worry about making to much noise because no one is around!" Jonathon walked in the door saying "Yea, the nearest house is at least two miles away." The air was warm as Zander found the hot tub, "Look, this is gorgeous!" she said talking to no one in particular. She ran back inside to find all the bedrooms claimed. "Ugh, you guys, I don't want to sleep on the third floor all by myself, that's scary." Andrew shouted from a room away, "Oh, don't worry baby, you won’t be by yourself." "Shut up, you perv" she shouted back jokingly. "Andrew would say that." she thought to herself.The girls unloaded their stuff into the driveway, directing to the guys which bag went where. Someone in the back seat called out "Okay, Hey! Ryan, Jonathon! We are going to a grocery store in Boone, be back in a couple hours." By 6 o clock they were crunching back up the driveway, with dusk beginning to set in. Zander thought about how the yellow and orange signified the first sunset she would see in the mountains. The kitchen smelled of Italian, while Lauren boiled spaghetti and heated up tomato sauce. Zander hurried up the stairs to get her cheap wine and the SoHo cups she had brought. "Ladies," she said on the way back down "does anyone want some wine?" She got four "I do's" while uncorking the bottle. "I am so glad I'm here" she thought to herself "No parents for a whole week."With alcohol and television Monday and Tuesday flew by. "Guys, look, it is supposed to get really cold tomorrow, thirty-eight degrees!" "Dang" said Jonathon. "Well at least the hot tub will feel good." piped Hannah. Three days later the group had surprisingly not had any major accidents. Most were getting along while staying up most of the night and sleeping where they fell became habit. "Oh my Gosh, Look outside" rang through the house way to early in Thursday morning. "Be quiet, Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" mumbled Zander to the uncaring girl. Blair urgently replied "No, look, seriously, it is a lot" The three story wood cabin blended in with everything surrounding it, the green moss covered rocks, the brown vinyl lid on the hot tub, the green trees that filled valleys, and the gray mist that hung over Grandfather's Mountain. Everything was now white. A nervous excitement filled the house as the angry sky poured down the white coldness all day. This was an adventure for the Southern group. They ran out of ice for the cooler and with a not so clever idea, Jonathon put his drinks outside on the porch."Hey, Lauren, Y'all, Listen to this!" The weather guy looked… well, like the weather guy always looks. His suit was normal, his emotionless smile and how his arm swept across the screen was all normal. Everything was normal except for what he was saying. "Use strong caution. Do not venture outside for any reason. Do not drive until further noted. The temperature for Banner Elk, Valley Crucis, and Blowing Rock will be in the negative teens during the next week. Nearly five feet of snow fell last night, with a lot more expected. This snowstorm will have winds up to forty-five miles per hour. Good luck and everyone stay safe and stay indoors!" The room was quiet. The shocking voice had left everyone thinking to themselves, letting the news sink in. “Oh my god, what are we going to do? I’m going to call my mom,” said Chloe, leaving the leather chair behind. A murmur erupted with whiny scared voices mulling over what they had just heard. “Guys! I have no service! I can’t get anything at all.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am Kristy Neal. My friends describe me as a laid back person, very easy to get along with. My dad says my kids will be well balanced. I usually just listen to all the drama, and don’t have any of my own to brag about. Until the night I got the phone call. The instigator called yet again.

My name is Kayce Sonaker. My friends describe me as feisty. I care a lot about what others think, and often try to be cool by being a “hardass.” I am full of attitude and am proud of it. This weekend I am going to my friend Chase’s house, he is neighbors with that Hanna girl Kristy. I hate her stupid *** friend, Chloe. “Look, yo Tessa, her mom is out of town, I can see her house from here.” “I know, we ‘bout to go up there and see if Chloe is up there, I HATE her!” I respond by picking up my 2001 phone and dialing all of Westside to come fight these “Hanna B*tches.” I am excited by my success, ALL of my friends are on their way. With fever creeping up in my voice I say, “I’m ‘bout to call her skank***, Tessa. If she wants to mess with you, then we gonn’ mess with her!” “Dang it, Chloe ain’t answering.” Tessa replies saying “Well, let’s just go show her whats up then.”
The girl angrily walks across the yard, ending in Kristy’s driveway. “Kayce! Chloe’s car ain’t here.” “SO, where the BEEP is Kristy?” I sprint through the cold air, full of adrenaline. My throat is starting to hurt from all the yelling I have already been doing. “Tessa, Knock on the door.” “No, you.” “Fine, I ain’t no pussy.”
“Bang! Bang!” the door rattles with my fist. I see people moving behind the door. “Open up! What, are you scared or something?” I hear the familiar sound of my homies system comin’ to help out. Finally, Kristy opens the door. Some guy is holding it, trying to protect her. “You little crack whore, you wanna fight? Step on out BEEP. What, are you BEEP scared?” I continue to rattle off so fast she stands there still, looking shocked. Kristy replies with a surprised “Who are you? I don’t even know you, why are you trying to fight me?” I replied saying “You called me a beeping redneck you beep. I know who you are, a crack whore, you’re so skinny.” I began to repeat myself; I didn’t know what else to say. The pressure was on; if I didn’t keep on talking and cussing I would look stupid just standing there at some girl’s doorway. “So, where the beep is Chloe anyway?” Cussing and more cussing, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. I think I impressing my friends though. Kristy finally gives the ultimatum “If you do not leave my house right now then I am calling the cops.” “Call the beeping cops then.” The door shuts with Kristy’s phone to her ear. I realize I have had enough drama for the night and walk back to Chase’s house.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Every piece i have done in this class has been intersting. Creative Writing has been a learning expirience, drawing my thoughts out painfully at times. I hate having to write every single day, yet at the same time i realize that it has enhanced my writing. Even when i am not in the mood, Mrs. Turner makes think, think, and think some more. I enjoy the freedom we have in the class as well. The lax atmosphere helps my writing improve.
Writing my Lipstick poem was very entertaining. It brought back fun times. I sat in my desk for an hour and a half writing only five lines or so. I enjoy having time to think and try to use my creativity. I thought about a woman's nightlife and how important lipstick was to her self confidence and sexuality. With the poem My Morning Expirience I loved this piece because of the surprise ending. I liked keeping the readers wondering what I needed so bad every morning. "Can't Stop Lovin' You" was a fun story to writing. I liked how we had a group in which we could write the piece together. It is exciting and cheesy. Boredom is the most prominent feeling I have during school. Every student can relate to this poem, excluding the ones in my third block:). The People Poem involved a fun activity. We got to stroll through the school, recording the actions of other people. This was one of my favorite poems.
While writing these pieces, I was constantly changing them. I wrote the excercise of the day, then while typing them on the computer, I would end up revising them. For example, with the People Poem I wrote about a boy in the gymnasium, I had a hard time writing it. I ended up changing the wording of most of it before I posted it to my blog. The inbetween step of putting the pieces of Google Docs and Spreadsheets was often my revising point.
I enjoyed these blogs because of the major perk of being able to read the whole classes writing. I learned different techniques and recognized how unique everyone is with the different styles of writing I came upon. I got a view of the deeper, darker side of life when reading Dean's writing. He wrote all these pieces with quick efficiency, which was inspiring. Blair also had very creative writing. I liked her piece called "She's Everything." It was very creative, my favorite part was "Shes the gravel in the driveway, and the pictures throughout the house Shes that old priceless piano with the keys that need to be tuned" I enjoy the repetitiveness and liked how she described the woman by the things in her life.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

"Can't Stop Lovin' You!"

Miguel stared down Jose with hatred in his eyes, "Don't do this! We are engaged! Isabella and I are going to start a life together." Jose quickly turned away, with Miguel's precious fiancee in his grasp. The smell of burning rubber wafted through his nose as the black Denali slipped away. The cloud of smoke billowed towards him, encouraging the tears to stream from Miguel's eyes. He sat in shock, thinking back to all the walks on the beach, late night phone calls, and big bear hugs, wondering if those sweet moments so dear to his heart would ever come back again.
As he finally got the strength to walk away, he started toward his favorite spot on the beach where he would always sit and think. He pondered on many thoughts of what he could possibly do to help. As he sat and wondered, tears flowing from his face, he finally realized what he had to do. Looking around in his jacket pockets, he finally pulls out his cell phone. Hands shaking, fingers numb to the touch of the keys, he quickly dials his dads number. "Dad", Miguel said. From the first word out of Miguel's mouth, his dad knew something was wrong. The influential voice said, "What's wrong, is it bad, do I need to send help?"
Still frantic, Miguel said, "Right away! Something bad has happened to Isabella! She was taken from me just a few minutes ago. I don't exactly know how it happened, but one minute she was in my arms and the next she was gone!"
"Where do you need me to send help to?" said Miguel's father, "Do you have any idea where she could be? I need to give my men as much information as I can. But son, do not worry, I will have Isabella back to you by nightfall." By the next Monday, still nothing. Running out of hope, Miguel called his father back to find out what was going on. "Where is she? Do you have any leads? Who took her? When will I get her back?" In a calm voice his father says, "Son, we are getting closer, you know my men are the best in all of Mexico. You will get her back."
The waiting, wondering, and worrying was taking a tole on Miguel. He was starting to give up hope. He had heard of all the terror stories of women taken over the border, and sold to gangsters in the U.S. He began to think the worst. Miguel wakes up to a familar song, thinking to himself that his phone was playing tricks on him. His finacee's ringtone "Can't Stop Lovin' You" was screaming in his ears. Leaping across room, he flips the phone open with a surprised "Hello?! Honey? Are you okay? Is this you? Where are you?" All Isabella could manage to do was cry and scream "Yes! yes, yes, I'm okay! I'm with your father and I am coming home very soon!"
As they hung up the phone, Miguel could not believe it. He fell to floor and prayed to God and thanked him as much as he could. He thought that he had lost the love of his life for good, but now she was coming back to him. He had never been so happy, so thankful, or so relieved in his entire life.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

People Poem

He was fresh cut, walking through the school - seemed to be on a mission using his number one tool
He was with paper and pen, peering around, tapping on people's shoulders, pointing, asking questions. Is he with the school newspaper? Yearbook? As i watch i feel like a stalker, i could even hear his ipod, hangin around his neck - blasting simple plan, then i see the look.
He was startling with eyes of the blue sky, keeping the stars from tumbling down.
He was in faded Levi's, spreading the "spring clean" laundry smell through out the room.


Boredom hangs heavy in the classroom
Holding on by the straps of lecturing teachers
Leaving behind vivid images of la la land.

My Morning Expirience

Waking up every morning at seven o'clock - oh, so painful
The darkness is rushing away, leaving a minty fresh light hanging, waiting for action
I stumble down the stairs, trying my hardest to adjust my eyes
The cold tile floor stares hatefully at my warm toes
As i peak around, through squinted eyes - looking searching for
the one thing i need
the one thing i crave
the one thing i have to have
...Orange Juice